How do I add an Anchor in the course content?

Odigia has an Anchor button located on the toolbar.  

An Anchor Link is a link used to bring a reader to a specific location on that page.  Anchor Links can be used to help students navigate to a table, concept, question, or any location on the page.   


To insert an Anchor Link:

  1. Navigate to the location on the page where you would like students to be taken when they click on the link.  

  2. Click on the Anchor button.  You will be prompted to name the Anchor.  
    Note: After clicking okay, you will see a small anchor in the location you’ve selected.  Students will not see this.


  3. Highlight the text you would like students to use, as a link, to take them to the location of the anchor. Then click the link button on the toolbar.

  4. Using the dropdown menu, select the Anchor you created.  Click okay.
    Note: We recommend you select none for the target to avoid a new window opening.  


  5. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of editing mode, and test your new anchor in view mode.
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