How do I upload grades to Blackboard?

Instructors utilizing Odigia's assignments and grading features may choose to upload their grades to their Learning Management System (LMS).  The directions below will walk instructors through the process of uploading grades to Blackboard.  Please not the instructors for other LMS are different-- please locate the article written for your LMS.   


Getting Started

Before you can begin uploading grades, you must first be sure all students have a username.  If you see click to edit where a student's username should be, you must first input your class roster into Odigia.  To do this, follow Part A.  If all students have usernames, skip directly to Part B.


Part A

  1. In Blackboard located the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. Under Course Management, Grade Center, click Full grade Center


  3. Once you have clicked on Full Grade Center and the screen opens, locate the work offline button, and click on download
  4. Once the file downloads, open Odigia.
  5. Under the Graded Reviews tab, click the button labeled Export to Blackboard.

  6. Using the, Browse, then Import buttons, import the file you downloaded from Blackboard.  


    Note: By completing this process, the student's Blackboard identifier (usually a student ID number), can be connected with their username in Odigia.  


Moving the grades to Blackboard

Part B

  1. Be sure all student's have usernames. If, in place of the username, you see Click to edit, please complete Part A first. 


  2. Once all students have usernames, an Export button will appear.  Press this button to transfer grades to Blackboard.  



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