How do I see a student roster for my Odigia Course?

Odigia makes it easy for instructors to monitor their students as soon as they gain access to their Odigia course.  The Teacher Dashboard displays real-time student data in an easy to read, and use, way.  To access a list of students currently enrolled in your Odigia course, follow the instructions below. 


  1. Under the My Courses tab, to the right-hand side of your course image and description, click on the Teacher Dashboard Button.  
  2. Once you enter the teacher dashboard, navigate to the My Students tab.  (See image below)Screen_Shot_2017-12-18_at_4.46.16_PM.png
  3.  The data in the My Students tab can be filtered in many ways.  You can view students alphabetically by name, by the date they registered, or by the last time they logged in.  
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