How do I enroll for a course that I am teaching?

Users must create an account before enrolling to a course. Once your account is created and confirmed, you will be brought to the course catalog. You will need to contact your Local Administrator to give you teacher permissions, as all self-created accounts are given student permissions by default.

If you do not have an enrollment code, you will need to contact your Local Administrator to assign you to the proper course sections. You will need to clarify if you are an editing or non-editing teacher. 


  1. Browse the Course Catalog and find the course you would like to enroll in.
    Click the “Enroll to Course” button.

  2. You will be brought to the course profile page. The course profile page contains introductory information about the course. On the right column is a place for you to enter the course enrollment code, and click the “submit” button.

    Enrollment codes determine what course section you have teaching privileges in. If you accidentally enrolled into the wrong course section, or if you enrolled without a course code when you should have entered one, please contact your Local Administrator for assistance. Otherwise you will not be able to view the activity happening in your class!

  3. If no payment is required, the course will show in your catalog. From here you can open your course and get started.

  4. If payment is required, pay for your course. After you click the “submit” button to enroll, you will be brought to a payment page. Enter your payment information, and click the “Purchase Course” button located in the right column. Or if you do not have an enrollment code, ask your Local Administration to manually enroll you into the course. 

  5. Open your course. After you successfully purchase your course, the “Purchase Course” button, located in the right column, will read “Open Course.” Click Open Course to access course material.

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