How do I use the Media Library?

The Odigia Media Library is where all of the course images are stored. Course Creators and teachers with editing group permissions can also add their own images to the media library and insert images into course content. 

To access the Media Library: 

  1. Click the "Courses" button located next to your avatar. You will be brought to the course catalog.

  2. Select the My Courses tab to view courses you have teacher access.

  3. Locate a course and click the "Edit Course Content" button.

  4. Select the set and concept you where you want to add images.

  5. Place your cursor where you want to insert the image.

  6. Click the insert image button located on the formatting toolbar. The icon looks like a photo of a mountain landscape.
  7. The Insert/edit image window appears. Click the "Browse" button.

  8. The Odigia Media Library window pops up. Our media library is a powerful tool that allows you to view existing course content images and add your own. 

     Buttons in the library panel include: 

  • Upload: This is how you add files from your computer into the Odigia Media Library. You can upload multiple files into the library at once.
  • Insert: Insert an image into the content. A shortcut for this action is to double-click the file. You can only select one file at a time.
  • Open In New Window: View the image in a new screen at it’s actual size. This can be helpful when dealing with detailed imagery such as charts and graphs.
  • Download: Save the image to your computer.
  • Sort: Click the icon represented with "a | z" to change sorting by ascending or descending order.
  • Search: The search feature allows you to filter library results by keywords.
  • List or Grid View: You may choose how library images are displayed, either as a list or by thumbnails.
  • Delete: Remove selected images from the library by selected desired image and hitting the trash can icon. 
  • Information: The "i" icon provides image properties such as size, link addresses, and modification details.

9. Upload or select the image you wish to add. Once it is highlighted, click the Insert button. 

10. An Insert/edit image box will pop up. You must add an image description in order to insert the image. 


You can filter images in the library based on images shared in the Course Shared Folder or in your Personal Folder. Click the folder option you desire from the sidebar located on the left side of the media library.

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