How do I use the Activity Feed (optional)?

The Activity Feed displays discussion posts featured by the teacher, as well as filters to easily view recent or popular discussions. From the Activity Feed tab you can like a post, click on a post title to go to the discussion thread, or click on a contributor’s name to view their page and course discussions.

Use the dropdown menus to filter activity content to show posts for the entire course, or choose activity within specific sets and concepts. The activity feed also allows you to view targeted activity by selecting All, Popular, Featured, or Saved posts. You can also choose to view only your own posts and comments to monitor your ongoing activity, by clicking on the My Posts or My Comments tabs. 


The Activity Feed is an optional feature. If your course has feeds enabled, this will be the first tab inside of the course. If your course has feeds disabled, the Course Outline will be the first tab inside of the course.

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