How do I navigate the Course Outline?






The Course Outline is the Table of Contents of your course. By default, the outline shows all of the sets within the course. If you click on a set, a dropdown menu expands to show all of the concepts within the set. 

In this expanded view you will be able to see what type of reviews, and any corresponding due dates, that must be completed, in order for the concept to be marked as complete in the Course Progress Map. Once you submit a review, the Course Outline will be updated to display the time and date of your submission. 

A progress map, labeled Course Sets, is located on the right of the Course Outline to show students an at-a-glance view of how many sets have been completed. As students progress through each concept and associated review questions, the gray concept icons turn green. When all concept within a set are completed, the set icon turns green.

Click on the arrow beside the "Course Sets" column in the Course Progress Map. A map key will appear and explain all the different icons that let you know when concepts and reviews are considered, or need further work. 

You may also click on the individual set icons inside the Course Progress Map to see check your progress status for that set. 

Once you click into a concept, the Course Outline tab will change to say "Selected Content." You will also see the progress map on the right changes to "Set Concepts.” As students progress through each concept and associated review questions, the gray icons turn green. Users can also use this progress map to navigate to other concepts within the set. The left and right arrow icons located above the progress map allows users to move to other sets within the course outline.

You may click on the individual concept icons to check your progress and grades, if available, for that concept. 

Navigating through course material can be easily done without going to the Course Outline tab. Two dropdown menus for set and concept are located at the top of every course page. You may use these dropdown menus to easily switch between areas of the course material.

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