How do I create Discussions in the platform?

Students and teachers can start, like, and comment on discussion threads through the discussions feature. It also allows students to sent private messages to teachers.


Discussions are located under the Discussions tab and also at the bottom of the reading material, so students can easily post questions and comments as soon as they've finished reading a concept.


To add a discussion post: 

  1. Click the Create New Post button.
  2. Add a post title and text in the content boxes.
  3. Click the Create button.


Posts can be enhanced by adding photos, videos, and links. Select the Insert/edit link icon in the formatting bar to add an external web source to your post. You may linked to or directly embed videos into your post by selecting the Insert/edit video icon in the formatting bar.

Notice that you are able to choose who sees your post. If you want to send a message directly to your teacher, simply select the "My Instructors/Teachers" option under "Visible to:"

If the Discussion tab or Create New Post button is unavailable, it is probably because the Course Creator or teacher has disabled the discussions on that concept.

Photos can be added to discussion posts and comments by clicking on the Browse button. Photos in discussions will populate in the course feed activity thumbnails and show in the featured post slider if featured by the teacher. Only use files with these extensions: .gif, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp.

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