How do I know if I am a non-editing group teacher or an editing group teacher?

A non-editing group teacher cannot update course outline content or reviews. Non-editing teachers can view the teacher dashboard, create notifications and connections, post discussion threads, and comment on discussions.

An editing group teacher can view the teacher dashboard and update all course tabs. Content edits made inside a course section will be applied to all sections of that course, regardless of who the teacher is. If you want to significantly edit the course content, contact your Local Administrator first to see if you should be given your own course.

In order to change your editing privileges, you must contact your Local Administrator.


Checking to see if you are listed as a non-editing or editing group teach is simple. Click on your avatar, which is located at the top left of your screen. Then click on My Profile. On your My Profile page your editing privileges will be listed under the Permissions section. 


You can also click on the Enrollments tab to view your editing permissions for each of the courses you are teaching. 

Discussion posts marked as visible to "teachers only" are accessible to both non-editing and editing teachers assigned to the group.

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