How do I use the Activity Feed (optional)?

Course Feeds are an optional feature and are turned off by default. Enabling or disabling course feeds is an action only available to Course Creators and Local Administrators. Please contact your Local Administrator for assistance.

The Activity Feed displays discussion posts featured by the teacher, as well as filters to easily view recent or popular discussions. 
Teachers have an additional filter that can define results per class or individual student. 

From the course feed you can like a post, click on a post title to go to the discussion thread, or click on a contributor’s name to view their page and course discussion threads.


  1. A panel will expand with feature options. Select the "Feature this Post" checkbox.

  2. If you want to overwrite the original title or post area, fill out the teacher title and post fields.

  3. Select the feature dates. If no start date is selected, the content will be featured immediately. If no end date is selected, the content will remain featured until the checkbox is manually updated.

  4. Select "Revert to Original Post Image" checkbox if you want to feature the original post image, or click the "Browse" button to feature a different image.

  5. Click "Save." A note below the item will indicate that the post or comment is marked as featured.

To remove a featured item, unselect the "Feature this Post" checkbox mentioned in Step 1.

Featured posts should not contain videos. Only images and links are supported in featured items. 

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