How do rearrange the Course Outline?

The Course Outline is the table of contents of your course, broken down into sets and concepts. Course Creators and editing group teachers can decide when and which sets and concepts are visible to students.

To Turn Sets On and Off: 

  1. From the Course Catalog screen, select the "Edit Course Content" button on the right side of the course you wish to edit.
  2. Click the Course Outline tab.
  3. To make sets live, click the "Live" button in the right corner of the content box. When the button is green, the set is live. Sets can be turned off to students by clicking the "Live" button again and turning it gray.


To Turn Concepts On and Off: 

  1.  From the Course Outline tab, choose a set you would like to modify. Click the edit icon, represented by the pencil, in the formatting tool bar to the right of the set.
  2. Click the "Live" button next to the concepts you want to make visible to students. 
  3. To turn off concepts, click the "Live" button again, and it will turn gray.

By default, the outline shows all of the sets within the course. If you click on a set, a dropdown expands to show all of the concepts within the set. Once you click into a concept, the Course Outline tab will change to say “Selected Content.” 

Course Creators and editing group teachers are also able to change the order of how sets and concepts are presented in a course. 


To Reorder Sets and Concepts: 

  1. On the Course Outline tab, choose which set you want to move. 
  2. Click on the "Drag and Drop to Sort" icon, represented by the arrow, in the toolbar. 
  3. Drag the set content box up or down to the desired position. 
  4. To reorder concepts, click on the desired set and follow steps 2-3. Concepts may not be moved to different sets. You must delete the desired concept and then reenter it as a new concept under the desired set. 

Sets and concepts can be deleted by clicking on the X icon in the set toolbar.

You Local Administrator is responsible for granting editing permissions to teachers. Please note that any changes to the outline you make in your course section will be applied to our sections of the course, regardless of teacher. 

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