How do I create notifications?

Notifications are used to send announcements and reminders to your class. If you are teaching multiple groups within a course, you can send notification messages to all groups or selected groups.

Notifications appear to students on their course Activity Feed. A red number above the notification icon, represented by the globe icon in the tool bar, will appear when new notifications are added.  

To add a notification:

  1. Click the "Courses" button located next to your avatar. You will be brought to the course catalog.

  2. Select the My Courses tab to view courses you have teacher access.

  3. Locate a course, and click the "Course Notifications" button.

  4. Click the "+ Add A New Notification" button. Determine what group you are sending the notification to. If the notification is content specific, define the set and concept. Select the publish date – due dates are optional.

  5. Add the notification. You can update or delete your notification after it has been added. 
  6. After the notification has been added, teachers have the capabilities to add or remove the message from students' feed at any time. 


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