How do I read Discussion posts made in the course material?

Course discussions can be found in three locations.

1. Discussions posts are located at the end of each concept, so students can easily post questions and comments as soon as they've finished reading.


2. Discussions for the entire course can be found under the All Discussions tab located on the Course Outline page. You can filter discussion posts based on class or student, or by specific sets and concepts, when on the All Discussions tab. 

3. The most recent discussion posts appear on the course Activity Feed. You may also filter and sort posts located on the Activity Feed page. Course creators and editing group teachers may choose to feature certain discussion posts so that they appear in the carousel at the top of the Activity Feed.



If the Discussion tab or Create New Post button is unavailable, it is probably because discussions have been disabled. You must be a course creator or editing group teacher to enable discussion posts in a course. 

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