How do I add, edit, and arrange content in Odigia?

Only Course Creators and Editing Group Teachers have the ability to edit and add course content. To upgrade your editing permissions, you must contact your Local Administrator. 


Odigia's streamlined platform makes it easy to edit existing or add new content to course material. Teachers must be in Edit Course mode to modify course content.

Course content is broken down into Set and Concept level material. Sets are larger ideas or topics (think chapters), which are divided into smaller concepts (think sections). Concepts are smaller chunks of information, designed for students to easily get through in one setting.


To edit existing content: 

1. Go to the Course Catalog and click the My Courses tab. Teachers can only edit courses that they have editing permissions in.

2. Select the "Edit Course Content" button beside the course you wish to edit.

3. Choose the set or concept you want to edit. You must be under the Course Outline tab to select the content you wish to edit.


4. To edit a Set, you must click on the pencil icon located next to the Set Title. Click inside the text to make the formatting box appear. Make your edits, and click "Save." 

5. To edit a specific Concept, click the edit button, represented by the pencil icon in the toolbar, to pull up the editing screen. 

6. Click on the area you wish to edit. Teachers can edit existing concept titles, concept goals, and concept content. Use the formatting toolbar to change text size, modify text appearance, change alignment, and add media to course content.

7. Edit and save changes at the bottom of the screen


To add and arrange Sets: 

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Course Outline tab.
  2. Click the "Add a New Set to This Course" button.
  3. Enter set information. You can add concepts to the new set later.
  4. Press "Create" Button. 
  5. To reorder sets, use the "Drag and Drop to Sort" feature represented by the arrow icons.



To add and arrange Concepts:

  1. Choose the desired set. 
  2. Click the "Add a New Concept to This Set" button.
  3. Enter concept information. 
  4. Click "Create" button. 
  5. To reorder concepts within a set, first click the set's edit button represented by the pencil icon. You will be brought to a new page where the "Drag and Drop to Sort" arrows will be presented on concepts. You cannot move an existing concept to a different set. You must delete the desired concept and then add it as a new concept under the desired set. 


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