How do I assign due dates in Odigia?

Teachers may assign due dates for Assignments in Odigia.

After you are logged into Odigia and on the My Courses tab of the Course Catalog, go to the course you want to add due dates for, and click the Assignments button to the right of the course title.




Once you are inside the Assignment dashboard:

  1. Locate and click on the green Settings button at the top right of the screen.


  1. Select the assingment you would like to assign a due date for by clicking on the calendar icon next to the box in the Due Date column.



  1. Pick your desired due date from the calendar.
  • First, select a date.
  • Second, select the hour the assignment is due.
  • Last, select a specific time students must submit their work by.


Once selected, the due date will appear in the box next to the title of the quiz or test.


The assigned due date can be cleared by clicking on the “X” icon next to the due date box.

You may also assign a due date by manually entering it into the due date box. The date must be entered in the mm/dd/yyyy HH:MM AM (or PM) format.



You may change the due date of an assignment at any time by returning to the Due Date page and selecting a new date and time. Students will see updates, as due dates are visible to students on their Course Outline and on their Progress Map.



Students will be NOT be able to submit quizzes and tests after the due date, unless you check the appropriate box inside the assignment settings. 



If you would like to require students to complete reviews under specific categories (Practice, Quiz, Test) before moving on to the next section, check the appropriate box located at the top of the Assign Due Date page.

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