How do I grade Assignments in Odigia?

Three different review categories are available for each concept.

Practice questions are designed to give students the opportunity to test their knowledge
The other reviews can be used however the instructor chooses, and can be names as such.

Instructors with editing privileges may choose to create assignment questions under each category, or only populate a selected category. If a category does not have any live questions, the category will not be visible to students.



Under the practice tab, you have the option to create multiple choice, matching, or fill-in-the-blank questions. Student performance on all Practice review questions is tracked and automatically entered your Teacher Dashboard.

The Content tab of the Teacher Dashboard provides a snapshot view of students’ interaction with the content. You will see the number of clicks students made in each concept, the performance average on Practice reviews, the number of students who completed all of the Practice reviews available, average time spent in the concept, and the number of discussion posts made.


Additional Assigments

Instructors with editing privileges can create both auto-graded and instructor-graded assignment questions.

  • Auto-Graded Questions: multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions.  Be sure to view How do I set up auto-grading? to ensure assignments with these questions are auto-graded and scored to your preferences.  

  • Instructor-Graded Questions: short answer, file upload, and short essay questions. Feedback is given by the instructor.


Once students submit their answers to questions in any assignment, their responses are sent to your Assignment page.

Here you can review the responses and provide feedback for instructor-graded questions (optional) and adjust the students score if needed.

If you feel that a student needs to review a concept further, you may flag their submission. Simply click the checkbox beside the “Flag to alert student” option at the bottom of the submission page. The concept square on their Course Progress Map will be outlined in red, to alert a student that they need to go back over the reading content.


Click the Save and Submit Feedback to Student button so the student will be notified and can view their grade for the review.



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