How do I add an example in an Assignment Question?

To increase student retention, instructors can add examples within assessment questions.  Instructors can add a specific example to show for an assessment item, or instructors can add a link to direct students back to an example from the text.  


  1. In Edit Mode navigate into the assessment question you wish to add the example to. At the bottom of the question you will see a box that says Add Example. 


  2. If you'd like an example to show under the question when students select Show me an  Example, simply type your example here.  

  3. If you'd like the example to contain a link back to an example in the text, please follow the directions below. 
  • In Edit Mode navigate to the area in the content containing the example. 
  • Click next to the example and insert and Anchor


  • Highlight a small portion of text at the beginning of your example, then press the link button.


  • From within the create a link popup, select the anchor you created and click OK.


  • Save changes in content edit mode, go to content view mode.

  • Right click and copy the link you just created (Copy Link Address).


  •  Navigate back to the assignment question you wish the example to be linked to.
  • Add the copied link to Example field
  • Save changes




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