How do I view student file uploads?


If you've added File Upload questions into your assignments, follow the directions below to download student files.

  1. Login to your Odigia account.  
  2. Next to your course description, click on the assignments button. 
  3. To download the files individually, find the student's assignment by:

    a. using the student dropdown at the top of the page and clicking on the student's name

    b. filtering by assignment name

    c. scrolling to find the newly submitted assignment

    Then, to the right of the student's submission, you will see a small download arrow.  Click this arrow to download the students assignment


  4. To download the files by assignment, use the assignment drop down menu to select the assignment with the file upload.

    Then, check the box in the top column to select all.  

    Finally, a Download Assessment Files button will appear - click to download all files.



Note: Once downloaded, all files will be named according to the rules below.

           Student Name - Assignment Name

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