How do I set up Auto-grading?

Odigia's assignments can auto-grade and auto-score depending upon the assignment settings you choose. 


Auto-graded questions include multiple choice, fill in the blank, and matching. 

Instructor graded questions include short answer, file upload, and short essay questions.  


When you add assignment questions (How do I create Assignments in Odigia?) the following default points will be added to questions:

Multiple Choice: 1 point each

Matching1 point each

Fill in the blank: 2 point each


Note: Instructors can change the point value at any time for question by entering the desired point value in the box.



If you do not see the point field in your assignment questions, be sure to contact your Client Success Specialist Immediately so they can turn Auto-grading on for your course.  


To prevent academic dishonesty be sure you set due dates for your assignments (How do I assign due dates in Odigia?).  This will allow students to view their earned score on an assignment, but not review which questions they answered incorrectly.  


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